Testimonial for RiversEdge Kennel


To all interested parties:


I have had the pleasure of hunting with JJ AKC name, (RiversEdge Rockin Joan Jet} for the past three years.


It has been a great experience and pleasure to watch this dog work. I have never seen a dog this focused


On the hunt. She is all business. I have been hunting ducks with dogs for a long time and I have never


Seen one better than Her. I once stayed at a pond while Scott and JJ went to try and jump shoot some


Ducks. While they were gone I downed a bird in some of the nastiest brush and the ponds edge that you


could ever imagine. When they came back she was sent on a blind retrieve across that pond and came


back with that duck. It was something to behold. She never wavered on the task. I have seen her dive


for diving cripples. We have hunted with her in some horrible weather. A hardier dog you will not find.


Any one getting one of her pups will have an awesome dog even if it’s only half as good as her.


In all Sincerity


Thomas Goble 2018