RiversEdge Chesapeakes Presents:

RiversEdge Rockin Joan Jet, RN, JH
Sire: CH Rippling Water’s Purple Haze, MH
Dam: GCH CH Echo Bay’s Trinity at RiversEdge
Whelped: 04/15/12
Hips Good CB-10786G38F-VP; Elbows Normal CB-EL2521F33-VPI; CERF Normal CB-EYE572/35F-VPI; PRA Clear; DM Clear CB-DM2186/35F-VPI; EIC Clear CB-EIC251/35F-VPI


Dyson and JJ litter Born Nov 18, 2018

Sire: BISS GCH CH Longmeadow Think Differently X RiversEdge Rockin Joan Jet, RN, JH

Outstanding potential in health, conformation, temperament, hunting and all performance events

Testimonial for RiversEdge Kennel


To all interested parties:


I have had the pleasure of hunting with JJ AKC name, (Rockin Joan Jet} for the past three years.


It has been a great experience and pleasure to watch this dog work. I have never seen a dog this focused


On the hunt. She is all business. I have been hunting ducks with dogs for a long time and I have never


Seen one better than Her. I once stayed at a pond while Scott and JJ went to try and jump shoot some


Ducks. While they were gone I downed a bird in some of the nastiest brush and the ponds edge that you


could ever imagine. When they came back she was sent on a blind retrieve across that pond and came


back with that duck. It was something to behold. She never wavered on the task. I have seen her dive


for diving cripples. We have hunted with her in some horrible weather. A hardier dog you will not find.


Any one getting one of her pups will have an awesome dog even if it’s only half as good as her.


In all Sincerity


Thomas Goble


See pictures of JJ below


JJ on duck watch

Very cold hunt!



JJ (on left) and her Mother, Trinity

Achievements: Titles: AKC Junior Hunter, Rally Novice, HRC Started Hunting Retriever

JJ, also known as “Missy Meister Nobody Nicer”, “J-Meister”, “Mustang Sally”, “The Hunting Machine”, “Goose Dog” and other pet names. She is the RiversEdge bred daughter of our GCH Echo Bay’s Trinity at RiversEdge, RN, JH, our fabulous,”T”, and sire, CH Rippling Water’s Purple Haze, MH. She has beautiful confirmation, lovely temperament and outstanding hunt retriever instinct, and skills.
News about JJ:
RiversEdge Rockin’ Joan Jet RN, JH x BISS GCH CH Longmeadow Think Differently (Dyson) litter born 11/18/18.
Another excellent match with 10 beautiful pups, sure to be outstanding in temperament, conformation and performance. (Reservations full at this time).
JJ delivered 10 beautiful and healthy pups February 27, 2016.
Sire was GCH CH Desert Winds Unintended Consequences, CDX, SH, WDQ, “Ruckus” who is a perfect match for excellent temperament, conformation, and performance attributes and accomplishments. this was an outstanding litter with amazing potential and titles to show for it. 
JJ is AKC conformation pointed with 10 points and a Major win. In 2016 she earned 2 more AKC points toward her Championship. In 2015 She earned her Rally Novice title, and 8/15 conformation points. She earned her Started Hunting Retriever (SHR) title June 2, 2013 and her Junior Hunter (JH) title in Sept. 2013.
She has proven to be the most outstanding RiversEdge hunter, retrieving countless geese, ducks, and pheasants.
Her claim to fame is retrieving 2 geese without them being shot. She annually retrieves our Thanksgiving and Christmas game birds.


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

CH Rippling Waters Purple Haze, MH





CH Chestnut Hill’s Barnacle RN, TD


CH Chestnut Hills Stone E’s Tug


Chestnut Hills Mesquite


CH Rippling Waters Legaly Blond, JH


CH Chesany’s Sumerduck Tomahawk, JH


CH Rippling Waters Sandpiper, CD, JH



GH CH Echo Bay’s Trinity at RiversEdge, RN, JH


GCH CH Chesaroyal Talkin Bout Jackson RA, JH


CH Marnetts Grant My Wish, UDX RE, JH


CH Snowy River’s Water Sprite, RN



Echo Bay’s Little Dipper

SR 22795405

CH Silvercreek Gunsmoke, RA, JH



CH Echo Bay’s Teal Time